Frequently Asked Questions

1) How did you acquire these items?

My family had a perfumery in New York/New Jersey. They purchased closeout items from famous brands like Evyan after they discontinued the design and later filled the bottles with there own custom perfumes.

2) How do I  know these are real antiques and not copies made in China?

Our items are still in the original cases/packaging from the manufacturer, showing dates on boxes, manufacturer name and some are even wrapped in newspaper from the early 1950's as originally packed.

3) Are the pictures of the bottles altered in any way?

No, the only "prep" done to the bottles for illustration was to be cleaned with a glass cleaner to remove any dust or residue from over fifty years of storage. They can be cleaned or maintained in their  orgiinal aged look. 

4) Would you consider selling in volume?

Absolutely, we love to have our bottles filled by perfumers and add to the value of their creations. Please contact us for more details

5) Can these bottles be refilled with my own perfume?

Yes, thats a great idea!!

6) Do you ship internationally?

Yes, all the time, please contact us for a specific quote

7) Are the original perfumes still produced?

Some companies have purchased the Evyan trademark and perfume lines and still make some of the scents, however the glass toppers on these bottles are no longer available except here.

8) Do you sell the glass topper alone?

We have a few toppers available. Please contact us to check if one is available.

9) Are the bottles themselves labeled?

Only the Great Lady Evyan Perfume Bottle has "EVYAN 1/2 oz" in raised letters on the bottom of the bottle